Remembering Terri Grzebielski

Terri Grzebielski could throw a good party.

One day Terri approached me and said "I want to throw a fundraiser for the Palouse Land Trust”. I served as president of the Palouse Land Trust then. We were an all-volunteer organization with a terrific opportunity to make a lasting impact, lots of responsibility, and limited resources."Sure”I said. "What do we need to do?” She said that she would take care of everything; I just needed to show up.

Nod to Bob.

Terri came up with the Nod to Bob concert. This event was a tribute to Bob Dylan.Terri brought together local talents to play their rendition of a Bob Dylan song. Many Bob Dylan songs were played that night, and the place was PACKED.

I got a chance to introduce our organization to Terri fans, and the money raised couldn’t have been better timed. We were just transitioning from an all-volunteer organization to hiring an executive director. Those funds, and other contributions, gave us the means to take the big step. Soon after, we hired Amy Trujillo.

Thank you Terri. We will all miss you.