Our communities are deeply tied to the land - our farms and working forests are essential to our local economy, and our traditions of outdoor recreation and hunting and fishing are key to our quality of life.  We are lucky to have treasured public lands that provide us with places to play, and private lands play an equally important role in protecting our way of life.

The Palouse Land Trust works with families and individuals across the Palouse and north-central Idaho to conserve and protect the lands that mean so much to all of us:  working agricultural land and forests, healthy waterways and wildlife habitat, iconic landscapes, open spaces, outdoor recreation sites, and special ecosystems like the Native Palouse Prairie.  Through voluntary conservation agreements, we work to ensure that the landscape that defines us and sustains us not only endures, but thrives for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.  

We are a nonprofit organization funded by private donations, grants and foundation support, and government contracts.  

where we work

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The Palouse Land Trust serves Whitman County in Washington and seven counties in Idaho, including Latah, Nez Perce, Benewah, Shoshone, Clearwater, Lewis, and Idaho.  We are active members of both the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts and the Washington Association of Land Trusts, as well as our national body, the Land Trust Alliance.  

We are committed to transparent, honest business practices and value the privacy of our landowners and donors above all else.  We will never sell, distribute, or otherwise compromise your personal information, financial transactions, or donations with any third party entities.  


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