Working to preserve the rural heritage of the Palouse and north-central Idaho is at the core of the Palouse Land Trust's mission.  From the breaks of Hells Canyon, to the forests of the Bitterroots, to the rolling hills of the Palouse, our communities are shaped and solidified by the people who live and work in these landscapes, and enriched by our unique connection to the land. 

For over 20 years, with your support, the Land Trust has worked with local families to shape flexible, creative and meaningful conservation solutions that result in positive impacts for landowners, the community, ecosystems, wildlife, and local economies.

WORKING LANDS: from farm to forest

Traditional farming and forestry is the bedrock of our rural heritage.  The rolling hills of the Palouse are home to some of the most fertile and productive farmland in the entire world.  The green and gold patchwork of agricultural land not only forms a major cornerstone of our region's economy, it also draws tourists and photographers from around the world to capture the splendor.

Families work with the Land Trust to ensure that the rich farmland unique to our area, as well as family forestland and ranches, will remain in active production for generations to come.  Preserving working lands with conservation easements can ensure that properties remain large enough for sustainable management and also remain affordable for the next generation.

incomparable habitat for creatures great and small

It's almost impossible to talk about this place without conjuring up the image of majestic elk, a Snake River Steelhead trout, or the song of the meadowlark across golden fields of grain.  Families and individuals are leading the charge in protecting and enhancing habitat for the small mammals, big game, fish, and birds who call our region home. 

For many landowners, a healthy forest and vibrant wildlife populations are just as important as high grain yields or timber growth.  With your support, we're able to help these families preserve the land and water that our local wildlife depend on for survival

Whether it's protecting critical spawning habitat for anadromous fish while allowing for sustainable timber management, or preserving an oasis for wildlife in the middle of town, the efforts of these conservation leaders strengthen, enhance, and support healthy habitat in our forests, fields, waterways, and towns.