honoring family and heritage

Judy Lalonde and her alpacas

Judy Lalonde and her alpacas

Land is often something that we love, something that is part of our family memories and our local history.

Such was the case for Judy LaLonde, who lives in Troy. Over the years, the forested slopes, the meandering stream and lush pasture became much more than a parcel of land. They became part of the family.

“My brother Brad died suddenly in 2008, leaving me this alpaca farm,” reflected Judy, continuing, “the land is so beautiful, and he loved it so much.” 

Brad had purchased the land because he had a strong appreciation for both farming and nature. It was a gem, right on the outskirts of the city of Troy. The property had been platted for a subdivision and he wanted to make sure that never happened.

Big Meadow Creek

Big Meadow Creek

Judy sees the land as a continuation of her family legacy, and a tribute to her brother. Because of her vision, the land, 49 acres of forest land and Big Meadow Creek, are protected. Moose, deer, and other wildlife travel through the forest, and the creek is a vital spawning ground for steelhead trout now that a culvert has been replaced under Highway 8 as part of a restoration project by Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Inspiring youth and the next generation of conservationists

Brad loved having the Troy Elementary School children visit the farm each year to learn about the alpacas. As Judy tells it, by the time the students were in the third grade, they could conduct the tour themselves.

Judy continues this tradition of inspiring local youth by hiring students from Troy High School to work at Big Meadow Creek Alpacas, and teaching kids about alpacas and how to care for them. “I’d love to see it be used for all sorts of education; from forestry, to agriculture, to nature studies—both now and after my lifetime.”

Generous, community-minded people like Judy are something that makes our region so special. Thanks to your support, her dream of protecting the property in a way that honors her brother and benefits the community is now a reality.

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Neuman Easement in Troy

(July 23, 2013)  Judy LaLonde, owner of Big Meadow Creek Alpacas in Troy, donated a conservation easement over 49 acres of her farm - permanently protecting the forest and wildlife habitat along Big Meadow Creek.  Read the article from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News here.