Gifts of Stock: a simple way to make a difference

December 2015 - Gifts of appreciated securities are easy to make, may help you save on capital gains taxes, and can make a meaningful difference in helping to protect more of the land we love.  A gift of securities is fully tax-deductible at its market value at the time of your contribution.  To make a gift of stock to the Palouse Land Trust, just follow these procedures:

1.  Contact your stockbroker.  Your stockbroker can make a direct electronic transfer of your stock certificates to the Palouse Land Trust's account with the following information:

Transfer to: DA Davidson & Company
FBO: Palouse Land Trust, Inc.
Receiving Firm Account #2705-2996
DTC #0361
DA Davidson contact:  Rusty Schatz, 208-883-5396

2.  Give your stockbroker Palouse Land Trust's taxpayer identification number:  94-3219418

3.  Notify the Land Trust of the transfer so we can properly credit you as your name will not be with the wire of securities.

4.  Please provide the Land Trust with the name of the security, the number of shares to be donated, and the name and phone number of your stockbroker.

For more information on how to donate stock, please contact Amy at or 208-669-0722.