Working Lands

Our region is known for its incredible soils, highly productive farmland and working forests.  Families have carefully stewarded these lands for generations.  We work with local families who want to make sure their farms, ranches, and forests remain as working lands into the future.  Conserving local working lands provides important economic benefits for our region, protects our agricultural heritage, and can often benefit wildlife as well.

Some of our working lands projects include:

Threatened Cropland »
The Lewis easement project is a great example of a group of people coming together to protect something they care deeply about.  This property is 135 acres of agricultural land on the slopes of Moscow Mountain.  Wheat and lentils have been farmed on this land for nearly a century. 

Working Forest »
The Stage property is on the lower slopes of Moscow Mountain, with 75% of the property consisting of forestland, much of which will remain in timber production.  Large ponderosa pines are present on this property and will be managed to preserve and develop large specimens. 

Dryland Farming »
The Montgomery easement protects active agricultural land which is rapidly diminishing in the region immediately surrounding Moscow.  The conservation easement provides the public with rare protected open space set within a developing suburban/commercial matrix. 

Urban Agriculture »
The Fosbergs knew that the community would benefit from having open space within the otherwise urbanizing environment, so they worked with the Land Trust to permanently protect their land.