Answering the call of nature

BY jaime jovanovich-walker, community outreach coordinator

It’s not very often that I literally start jumping up and down, “squeeeeeee”ing with excitement at something on my to-do list in my calendar, but can anyone blame me? Take a peek:

It’s happening! Thanks to incredible community support, funding from local and regional foundations, and critical grant funding from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, we have secured the necessary funding to purchase and install an accessible vault toilet as part of our larger improvement project at Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve.

As soon as weather and ground conditions allow, we are thrilled to work with Hodge & Associates, DeAtley Crushing, the Latah Highway District, and our amazing partners and volunteers in the community to break ground on the parking lot grading and excavation portion of the project.

We are dedicated to maintaining the character and natural feel of the space. As such, we will focus on minimizing environmental and habitat disturbance, and will work to complete the larger excavation, grading, and toilet installation pieces as quickly as possible so that visitors can enjoy regular access.

Questions or concerns about this, or any other portion of the overall improvement project? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Via phone at 208-596-4496, email me at or Lovina at, stop by the office to chat, or send us a message via our social media channels.