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Connecting to Your Inner Landscape: Sound Journey

  • Idler's Rest Nature Preserve 1187 Idlers Rest Road Moscow, ID, 83843 United States (map)

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Join Jessica Swan and Matthew Harden on a deep Alchemystic Sound Journey to explore, and deepen your connection to your internal landscape, surrounded by the lush ancient cedar grove at Idler's Rest. During the sound portion, you will experience a large variety of Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, didgeridoos, gongs, cymbals, rattles, a giant Siberian drum, chakra tuned chimes and more! Jessica and Matthew will also incorporate guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and binaural technologies to support deep immersion into whole brain balancing, and deep theta and delta brainwave relaxation.

We will also be building a natural mandala as a group. You are welcome to bring any crystals, amulets, flowers, herbs etc to help create the mandala. You will take home what you add to the mandala at the end, cleansed and charged energetically during the class. (optional)

Please bring items to help you feel comfortable during this 90 minute experience -- enough padding (camping pad, pillow, blanket, or dress warmly) to lay on the forest floor and comfortably melt in to the nature around you.


About Jessica Swan:
Sometimes digging into ones’ self-work alone can feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Alchemystic Apothecary: Journey to Wholeness was born out of a deep desire to assist gifted and neurologically diverse people, who often feel outcast by society, to have a safe place to embrace their uniqueness and develop their spiritual gifts—to embody their true authentic self.

The word “alchemystic” is derived from a blend of alchemy and mysticism. Alchemy is a more masculine and linear practice of transmutation based in the left hemisphere of the brain. Mysticism is a more feminine and open practice of embracing the unseen, the arts, music and the right hemisphere of the brain. Jessica blends these two perspectives together, through concepts such as bio-individuality: one person’s poison is another person’s medicine.

Jessica was born with intense gifts that often felt unsafe from the lack of resources needed to be her true self. She has spent 16 years practicing how to harness what once was stifling to now hold space for teaching others. She is certified as: a Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master, Spring Forest® QiGong Master Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, IIN® Health and Life Coach, Advanced Hypnotist, Professional Vocal & Sound Journey Healer, B.S. Educator, and Published Author.

She believes strongly in teaching people to fish (rather than feeding them for a day) and provides her clients and students with a variety of techniques such as:

- Intuitive & Pineal Gland Activation
- Alchemical Herbalism
- Archetypal & Shadow Work
- Advanced Journeying & Soul Retrieval
- Grounding & Shielding for Empaths

Jessica also loves to officiate for unique weddings, blessing ceremonies and funerals. Some may see Jessica as the “Mad Hatter”, as she is rogue and divergent in her techniques, but if you are ready for a personalized adventure, then she might just be your cup of tea. You can find her on Facebook: Journey to Wholeness, Instagram: @journey_2_wholeness, or email her at