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about the palouse land trust

Palouse Landscape

Since its founding in 1996, the Palouse Land Trust has placed nearly 1,500 acres of land under conservation.  In that time, our land-under-preservation has grown an average of 17% every year, and an average of 25% annually over the past 3 years.                                                

That land includes working farms and forests, natural and managed landscapes and critical pieces of the endangered Palouse Prairie ecosystem.  We also manage the Idlers Rest Nature preserve that provides year-round public access to hiking trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities.

We serve an area that stretches from the breaks of Hells Canyon, to the forests of the Bitterroots, to the rolling hills of the Palouse in north-central Idaho and eastern Washington.

We enjoy broad, ongoing support from landowners, donors and an engaged community.  We work closely with other conservation and nonprofit organizations, as well as local, state and national government agencies.

Before 2011, we were an all-volunteer organization.  That year we hired our first Executive Director, followed by a Conservation Projects Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator in 2015.

We just wrapped up our most successful year of growth ever in 2017, and we’re fully committed to building on and exceeding that growth in 2018 and beyond.


the community


The Palouse Land Trust is headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, and just 8 miles from Pullman, Washington.  Both communities blend the advantages of rural life with access to the arts, education and culture that can only come from being home to two world-class universities:  the University of Idaho and Washington State University. 

Moscow is home to award-winning restaurants and breweries, Idaho’s #1 ranked Farmers Market, a historic and vital downtown, a fantastic food coop (within walking distance from the Palouse Land Trust offices) and internationally-recognized cultural events like the annual Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. 

Pullman, just 8 miles from Moscow, was just named in Sunset Magazine’s “10 Best College Towns in the West” list. Pullman is home to innovative restaurants, impressive art galleries, Pac-12 NCAA athletics and a vibrant university culture. 

The area offers unparalleled access to year-round outdoor activities like hiking, mountain and road biking, camping, backpacking, skiing, fishing and hunting. 

Perhaps most importantly, we’re located in a community that supports the Land Trust, our mission and goals. 


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