Berman Creekside Park

Along Styner Avenue lies a small city park that borders Paradise Creek and offers a peaceful respite for community members.  Berman Creekside Park was created in 1997, after long discussions and negotiations with two landowners, the city of Moscow Parks and Recreation Department and the Palouse Land Trust. Creating a park in this hard to access location had been discussed for a long time by the committee planning the Linear Park System that today encompasses miles of trail and open space along Paradise Creek. The namesake of the park, Katrina Berman, was instrumental in getting this park created.

In 1996, Katrina Berman approached the Palouse Land Trust to inquire about preserving the land her family had lived on since the 1950s as a park for the city of Moscow. She stated that she wanted to "preserve the unique character of this part of Moscow and leave a legacy from my late husband, myself, and our family, that all of Moscow can appreciate and enjoy.”

Katrina had heard that her neighbor, Dave Plummer, was selling his property and that the city was looking into a possible purchase of the land. She decided to make an offer to the city. If they would purchase the Plummer acres and commit to it becoming a park she would donate her piece of land to the park to increase its size and ensure continual trail access.

In September 1997, after long legal discussions and visioning for the land, an agreement was struck. The City of Moscow purchased the Plummer property.  Before Katrina donated her piece of land to the City, she wanted to make sure it would remain as natural open space, so she worked with the Land Trust to place a conservation easement on the land before donating it to the City.

In the years of living on the land she witnessed a great variety of wildlife species. Today you can see many species of birds and small mammals like raccoons, gophers, voles, beavers, and skunks. There is evidence that deer have used the property as well. They often travel through the park and feed amongst the old fruit trees that remain on property that the Berman family still owns.

Today the park is managed by the City of Moscow Parks and Recreation Department.  The Land Trust monitors the portion under easement to ensure that it is being maintained in a natural state. Make sure to visit this park and see one of our gems.  There is a pavilion that can be reserved for parties, a portion of the Paradise Creek Trail to walk, a sledding hill to enjoy in winter, and beautiful views.